Babiš-Communist Partnership in Czech Republic is Unacceptable

JULY 13, 2018

Babiš-Communist Partnership in Czech Republic is Unacceptable

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation condemns the confidence-and-supply agreement between Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM), the successor of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia in the twenty-first century.
Prime Minister Babiš needs the communist vote for his minority government to pass a confidence vote in Parliament, and the communists have agreed to give it. To get this formal support, Babiš has already acceded to the Communist Party’s demands on his legislative agenda.
Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Executive Director Marion Smith says

Today’s Czech communists not only deny the crimes of the Soviet-backed Czechoslovak communist regime that was deposed in 1989—they are also anti-American and anti-NATO, pro-Russian, and anathema to the values of Václav Havel and the other dissident leaders of the communist era. Havel, Czech freedom fighters, and the victims of communism are surely rolling in their graves. The people of the Czech Republic—indeed, anyone who loves freedom and believes in truth and justice—ought to be furious.
Babiš’s power-sharing agreement with the Communist Party was first announced on June 27, 2018, the Day of Czech Commemoration for the Victims of Communism. June 27 commemorates one special Czech dissident in particular, Milada Horáková, a relentless advocate for Czech and Slovak freedom who was first jailed by the Nazis and then later executed by the communists. This year is also: the fiftieth anniversary of the Prague Spring, when Czechs stood up to totalitarianism were subsequently crushed again by a Soviet invasion; the seventieth anniversary of the communist regime seizing total power in the wake of World War II; and the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Republic of Czechoslovakia as a free and independent nation.
It is a tragically ironic time for Babiš to give communists a platform for their failed anti-human policies once again. The political career of Andrej Babiš is not worth more than the soul of the Czech nation.

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