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Baltic Freedom Fighters to be awarded Truman-Reagan Medal of Freedom

One hundred years ago, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe declared their independence amid collapsing empires. But that independence was short-lived as Eastern Europe was consumed by the Nazi and Soviet empires. In the 1980s, Europe’s Captive Nations led the dismantling of the Soviet Union, and are once again free, prosperous, and vital members of the Free World.

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Human Rights Must Be An Integral Part Of North Korea Dialogue

This month, President Trump met with Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s brutal communist dictator, in an unprecedented diplomatic summit with the world’s most totalitarian regime. Despite urging by US lawmakers, international human rights groups, and North Korean defectors, President Trump acknowledged that he did not advocate for improved human rights in North Korea or mention North Korea’s atrocious record of mass incarceration, extrajudicial executions, and international terrorism during the summit talks. 

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