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Reciprocity or Removal: An Ultimatum for Chinese Confucius Institutes

Confucius Institutes, formed by the Chinese Ministry of Education, systemically plague higher education across the United States. Although intended to be seen as learning centers fostering Chinese language and culture, their true purpose is to project an influence campaign that promotes self-censorship, teaches a revisionist history of China, and suppresses freedom of expression and inquiry.

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It’s Time to Stand Up for Xinjiang

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, together with 33 other NGOs and human rights organizations, has today sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin urging them to impose Global Magnitsky sanctions on Chinese officials responsible for human rights violations in Xinjiang and Tibet.

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Why is China's Communist Party Scared of an Orphanage?

For over fifty years, the Tibetan Children’s Village in Dharamsala, India has sheltered and cared for the children of Tibetan refugees. In addition to providing Tibetan children with shelter, health care, and education, the Tibetan Children's Village actively tries to preserve the Tibetan language and teach children about their cultural and religious heritage.

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