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This Czech Feminist Fought Nazis, Communists, and the Patriarchy

“If the Western media had a more plausible scale of values, Milada Horáková’s name would be well known, rather than virtually unknown in the West,” writes the Czech Jewish historian Wilma Abeles Iggers. "Jailed by the Nazis during most of the Second World War, she barely escaped execution, was probably the most prominent woman activist after the war, was again jailed and this time executed by the Communists in 1950, despite many telegrams of protest by world leaders.”

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Women of the Gulag

Hoover Institution scholar Paul Gregory gives the bulk of Stalin’s survivors their due by preserving the stories of five Soviet women—Fekla, Maria, Adile, Agnessa, and Evgenia—whose memories span dekulakization, the Great Terror, and post-Stalin rehabilitation. Each of these women came from different social classes and regions, but none of them escaped persecution under the Stalin regime.

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