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Reciprocity or Removal: An Ultimatum for Chinese Confucius Institutes

Confucius Institutes, formed by the Chinese Ministry of Education, systemically plague higher education across the United States. Although intended to be seen as learning centers fostering Chinese language and culture, their true purpose is to project an influence campaign that promotes self-censorship, teaches a revisionist history of China, and suppresses freedom of expression and inquiry.

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Why The Chinese Communist Party Is Scared Of #MeToo

Just a few months ago, the #MeToo movement erupted, spreading across the globe and changing the face of feminism. Millions of women took their stories to the social media stage, calling for an end to silence on the discrimination and abuse they had suffered because of their gender. Women in the workplace, academia, and even in the media joined hands in sharing their narratives and airing their oppressions. It’s no wonder a movement of this scale seeped into even the most guarded countries.

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