Why The Chinese Communist Party Is Scared Of #MeToo

Just a few months ago, the #MeToo movement erupted, spreading across the globe and changing the face of feminism. Millions of women took their stories to the social media stage, calling for an end to silence on the discrimination and abuse they had suffered because of their gender. Women in the workplace, academia, and even in the media joined hands in sharing their narratives and airing their oppressions. It’s no wonder a movement of this scale seeped into even the most guarded countries.

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Interview With a Young Venezuelan Exile

Wuilly Arteaga is a young Venezuelan violinist who attracted worldwide attention for playing his music in the midst of Venezuela’s massive 2017 anti-government protests. In retaliation, government forces destroyed his violin and arrested and tortured him. Wuilly is now one of the approximately three million Venezuelans who have left their country to escape its authoritarian regime. During a recent trip to Washington, Wuilly sat down with Dissident to discuss his activism and the experience of the Venezuelan diaspora.

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Why Was There No Nuremberg for Communism?

Everyone is familiar with the Nuremberg Trials that were convened in 1945 to prosecute the crimes of Nazi Germany. The trials served as a final day of reckoning for the violent and destructive Nazi ideology that had wreaked havoc on Europe for more than a decade. Considering how deadly the ideology of communism proved to be in Eastern Europe, Russia, and elsewhere, why has there never been a similar trial for the crimes committed by the communist regime in the Soviet Union? This was the question raised by Vladimir Bukovsky.

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